This site serves as a kind of portfolio for Nick Trombley, a web designer / developer based in Boston.

Whether I'm designing enterprise-grade tools and applications, or developing small sites with a personal touch, I care about bringing to my work a sense of craft, purpose, and – on the good days – beauty.

I'm currently at Genospace.

Though I'm happily employed, I could probably be convinced to tackle small and interesting side projects, or better yet – speaking, teaching, or mentoring opportunities.

If you’re deciding whether you'd like to work with me, my cv would be a good start. It'll tell you most of what you need to know.

For everything I can't share here, feel free to reach out.

If you’re a colleague, you may be more interested in my other projects:

At barnsworthburning I keep my commonplace book and idea repository, updated whenever I read something interesting and have the time to record it.

And there’s the-innocent-i, where you'll find half-formed thoughts, little experiments, and more personal things.