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"Nick was an invaluable member of our team at Epic. On top of his normal high quality design work, he proactively helped code and design internal tools (one of which was so successful and helpful that Epic opened it up to customers too). His knowledge of data visualization principles and techniques were of constant help, and the various educational design presentations he made to hundreds of our staff (including both designers and non-designers) were some of their favorites. Nick would be a strong asset to any user-centered team."

"One of the keys to Nick's success is his ability to articulate and teach. As he worked with his teams to find the best solution, he would take the time to explain why he favored one choice over another. He invites conversation about his decisions and does well with critique. He delivered multiple talks at Epic that were philosophical in nature - a potentially dangerous area when talking to a room of hundreds of skeptical software engineers. His talks were met by high ratings, and the highest honor: being quoted between engineers later that week. Nick understands that design decisions do not exist in a vacuum and that great solutions come from iterative, inclusive work."

UX Designer

Genospace, 12/2019 — present

I started my current position at Genospace over the 2019 holiday season, and I'm looking forward to working with this small but brilliant team to shape the future of personalized medicine.


Unaffiliated, 5/2019 — 12/2019

After almost 6 years at Epic, I decided to take some time off and look elsewhere for my next role. Over the next 6 months or so, I spent a bit of time living abroad, worked on personal projects (including this website), and just generally tried to come to an understanding of who I am and how I want my work to fit into the world. It was a necessary and successful change.

UX Designer / Software Developer

Epic, 3/2015 — 5/2019

If you're sick of the cliché of "wearing a lot of different hats", then you're probably familiar with the kind of UX team this was. On any given day, I might be conducting design reviews, making mockups, shadowing end users, teaching classes, or refining our pattern library. As one of only two designer-developer 'slashies', I also had the opportunity not just to design, but to code many of the projects I worked on, often focused on improving internal design tools and processes.

  • Guided design direction of Epic’s products.

  • Designed and developed tools for designers and developers.

  • Interviewed new team applicants.

  • Taught classes on design research, aesthetics, and ethics.

  • Evangelized design thinking and education.

"Technical Solutions Engineer"

Epic, 8/2013 — 3/2015

I usually like to tell people that Epic's Technical Services role is like tech support on steroids. We were the primary point of contact for a small number of analytics and database administration teams at some of the best hospitals in the world. On my own time, I cultivated a growing interest in design and development, and eventually applied for an internal transfer to the UX team.

  • Provided tech support for our analytics toolset.

  • Optimized SQL queries and data transfer performance.

  • Maintained and upgraded database infrastructure.

  • Designed and developed web-based ETL performance dashboard.

  • Taught classes on effective information design.


Boston College Class of 2013

Bachelor of Science, Math, GPA 3.7 (cum laude)

Arts and Sciences Honors Program